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Published at 2017-09-05 07:15:33 by DanDin on Speakers


  2. SAFE&VOLUME-CONTROLLED TECHNOLOGY: Environment friendly material, RoHs, EN71,CPSIA,FCC approved, safe and comfortable. Built-in volume-controlled circuitry that ensures the sound is within levels recommended safe for young children's eardrums and inner ear at 85db
  3. DURABLE, ADORABLE CHILD FRIENDLY DESIGN: Twistable, bendable, stretchable fun, made with durable food-grade material and tangle-free cords, soft touch, kid/child friendly. Soft silicon cat ear, makes this cute over the ear headphones for a good gift for family/friends kids or grandkids and good also for kindergarten/pre-school teachers
  4. CUSTOM DESIGN FIT: Custom designed for children ages 3 and up, with adjustable headband and cushioned earpads and headband, (Recommended for kids 3-12)
  5. UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, our children's headphones works with virtually all smartphones and kids tablets, compatible with iphones, ipads, androids and more


Got this for my daughter for her 6th birthday. She absolutely loves them! They're super cute and work great. Awesome sound quality and I love how they limit how loud it gets so I don't have to worry about her blowing out her ear drums accidentally. They're also pliable so it greatly lessens the chance of them snapping in two.
Bought for family member (6 years old); love that they can't turn up the volume past healthy level. Seems cuter in person than pictured. Nice silicone-ish feel to it; other reviews weren't lying - very flexible and sturdy at the same time. I liked the flat cord. Made the kid really happy :) Maybe a future design could have a volume/pause control on the cord or ear?
Just got these for my 8yo. They work great and she LOVES the color and the cat ears. They are also very comfortable and fit her head really well w/ room to grow. They also fit on my 3yo's head well too.
My children use these on their child seat and the computer to watch movies in the car or when camping. The sound when watching a movie is amazing, it's better than anything I have heard before.

My daughter have been using this headphones with her iPad. Very comfortable to use and it fits my daughter's head perfectly. Easy to adjust and it blocks out the noise from outside. Quality is superb for a kid's headphone surprisingly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get headphones for children. Price is reasonable too.
The kids love these. We bought these headphones for our two daughters, and they received another pair from someone else for Christmas, so they ended up with two. At first, they refused to wear these because the other headphones had a princess tiara on them, and they wanted to be princesses. However, after we talked them into trying these, they will only wear these and never the others.

According to the little people, they sound great and are very comfortable. When I tried them, the volume seemed to stay low, which gives me peace of mind. We've used them in the car a few times and they worked well.
Cute headphones but the connective wire frayed and they no longer work after only a few months of limited use. Site says 18 month replacement period but it's very unclear how to contact the seller for a replacement set.

Updated: was able to contact seller and they sent a replacement right away. A+
I purchased these for my three year old and they fit her well. They are very cute, and she hasn't had any complaints. I would like to note that I had my 8 year old try them on, and she said they were too small. They did seem to fall off her head, so they are probably more suited for toddlers. I'm giving the headphones four stars because the first pair that I received stopped working in less than a month. Because they were a gift that I bought early, the return period with Amazon passed. However, I did recall seeing that this company offered an 18 month guarantee. I contacted the company by email requesting a replacement, and without hesitation they promptly sent me a new pair. The new pair has lasted several months now, so I am comfortable with this rating. If the replacement headphones suddenly fail in an unacceptable time frame, I will update this review.
The baby of the family really wanted her own headphones when she saw everyone else got their own set to use with their computers for school time. I love that these are really flexible!!! She has been really rough with them so far and they are still holding up great! The little kitten ears are super cute, the padding is nice and soft around the ear pads. The BEST part?? She can totally crank the volume when I am not looking and it will not blow her little eardrums since it has a kid safe volume that it max's out at. Great purchase!! High quality product!!
So far there are no cons for these headphones. I'd bought one blue dragon and one of the pink cat ears. My daughter is absolutely thrilled with these. I've caught her wearing the headphones by themselves not plugged into anything.

The kids (4 and 6 years old) have been raving about them. They're adjustable and appear durable. The cord is the right length for them to prop an iPad up on something and watch a show.

For me, it was hard to pick from the giant variety of headsets available here and I'm very satisfied with these thank goodness.
These didn't even last a day before the volume completely stopped working. No sound at all. I bought these a couple months before we took our fist trip with my family to Disney World. They didn't even last the first plan ride. And now I can't return them because it's been too long. I bought the yellow version for my son and his only lasted 3 weeks. So, 2 for 2 are junk I would say that the quality of these are very poor. They may look cute, but they are a waste of your money.

Update 2017-03-12

A couple weeks after posting the review, the company sent me new headphones for not just this one, but also the ones I bought for my son. This was awesome customer service, and they get an A+ for taking the initiative to fix the problem. They then sent me not one, not two, not three, but four emails to follow up asking if I would change the rating.

This is where the get an F. You can't just send a replacement and expect a 5 star review. This is about the product. Yes, it's important the company stands behind the product, but the product has to work as well. Sadly, after just another 30 days of use, the replacement pair for my son also stopped working. This just enforces that the quality of this product is not where it should be. So, I will leave the review at a 1 star, as there is no way I could recommend anybody buy these headphones. My daughters replacement pair is still working, but 3 out of 4 failed in the first 30 days. That's a 75% fail rate on their product. This isn't about quality control, this is just about a poor product with poor quality parts/construction.