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Published at 2017-10-10 13:52:23 by DanDin on Speakers


  1. Designed for deep bass performance
  2. Comfortable, secure fit with adjustable headband and multi-pivoting earplates
  3. Two adjustable temporal-comfort zone pads shift the pressure and perfectly balance the ear plates on your ear
  4. Collapsible for maximum portability, includes carrying case
  5. Connector Type: 1 x Headphones (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm)


Thousands of reviews already posted, so I'm sure it's all been stated. I've owned them for about a year now. I listen to all kinds of music with them on my smartphone and laptop. My pros, cons, and conclusion below:

Pros +
+ great overall sound quality, probably unbeatable at this or even double this price
+ potent but not overbearing bass; fairly neutral mids and highs; no listening fatigue
+ comfortable and secure fit (I have a big head); they stay put moving around, jogging, working out
+ continuously adjustable headband (no notches) helps achieve ideal fit
+ on-the-ear design with soft pads so ears don't get warm/hot
+ foldable for portability
+ open back design makes it sound more like listening to speakers in a room instead of music just focused inside your head
+ open back design lets outside sounds in so you're aware of surroundings (great for jogging)
+ lifetime warranty (haven't used yet; if you're careful, these shouldn't break)

Cons -
- bass doesn't extend super low; not much bass output below about 50 Hz
- for electronic and rap/hip-hop music, lack of very low bass is an issue with SOME songs. MOST songs sound fine.
- open back design will leak what you're listening to into the nearby environment
- headband may occasionally pull a hair; adjust the band BEFORE placing on head and do not adjust while on head to prevent this
- occasionally a small hair may get stuck inside the driver causing a slight rattling noise; gently remove earpad and blow out the hair to fix
- earcups pivot slightly for comfort, but mine developed a creeky noise when pivoting in the left earcup; sometimes audible during listening

These are by far the best sounding headphones I've heard anywhere near their price range. I honestly think you'd have to spend at least 2-3 times as much to get better sound. They are also the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn: very adjustable, ears don't get hot, stay firmly put with just the right amount of pressure. It's easy to see why they've been around for about 30 years and their design hasn't been significantly changed. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here. Very highly recommended. Please let me know if you found this review helpful by voting on it. Thanks!
I love PortaPros but the past 2 pairs I have ordered from Amazon do not match the quality of previous pairs I have owned.

The latest pairs appear to be manufactured differently; they have issues with sliding the plastic tabs over the metal strap, popping and muddled sound, and a plastic cover where the screw was on the left can. I had assumed initially that this was a change in the manufacturing process, that is until I received a pair of the special edition Koss PortaPros that were recently release, which were identical to my previous pairs in every way except the color-way. So either the generic colors are being manufactured differently or the headphones I have received are not authentic.

I will say these headphones are usable, though having owned multiple pairs the pairs I have received do not live up to my expectations. My review for the previous pairs of headphones would be 5 stars, unfortunately the latest pairs I have received do not deserve the same rating.

I have attached photos comparing the build quality of a previous pair I own to that of what I received from Amazon. You'll notices differences in the molds used to cast parts of the headphones. These capture some of the issues but its hard to explain the feeling of what appear to be tight manufacturing tolerances and warped plastic.
I'm giving these headphones a five with their low price definitely being a factor in that decision. I'm sure everyone understands that scoring a thing is a relative sort of prospect. These are by no means the best kind of headphones you can buy, but they offer the very best sound you could ever expect from hardware that is under $30.

Really, it's kind of staggering how great these sound for this price. I'm no expert on the tech side of things regarding audio, but I can tell you the sound is crisp, the bass is low and impactful, and the highs are pleasingly lacking in screech and tinny-ness (that's how I'm going to word that; sorry... haha).

Koss doesn't have the best reputation in the world as far as consistent quality, but this model is one of their high points. Here's a breakdown to get right to the point:

--They just sound good. My eyes kind of went wide when I kicked these on through my iPhone (first tried out "We The People" from A Tribe Called Quest because of that great beat right off the bat and was not disappointed, obviously). As I said above: good highs, good lows.
--They are very comfortable. They have a "Comfort Zone" switch from low to high, the pads (which swivel!) are nicely -- well -- padded, and there's another buffer of foam that sits just above your ears to take some of the pressure off your ears as well.
--They are VERY light. Since they are simply headphones attached with a thin metal strip, they seem to weigh nothing at all, a huge bonus for long-term users.
--If you take them off to adjust them, they will probably not pull your hair, which is a common complaint I've seen in these reviews. Do not adjust them while on your head, and you'll likely be fine. I've never had a single hair-pull.
--They accommodate a very large head at maximum adjustment. My head is large enough to have it's own gravitational pull (Thanks, Mike Myers!), and these fit PERFECTLY.
--The cord is not very long, and for my tastes -- especially given these are being sold as PORTAble -- that's VERY appealing. There's nothing worse than doing dishes or cooking and getting your headphone cord stuck around a drawer knob, thus ripping the phones off your head and sending you into a rage that ends nations. The shorter cord mitigates that global tragedy.
--I think they look cool!

--Yes, just one con for me so far: they make my ears hot. However, this is more of a personal problem; most people I know do not have this problem, but if I put ANYTHING on my ears, they are red-hot within minutes. So, ignore this con if you're a normal human being and not approaching the surface temperature of the sun every few hours. If the pads can be traded out for nice leather ones or something, I am not aware of that although I have looked on Koss's website where the pads can be bought.

In short: If you need a spare pair of 'phones or even a single pair for most situations (probably not great for exercise, however; dunno), you really can't go wrong with these. Thumbs up from this fella!
I have had 3 pair of these headphones now because they sound great for the price. However, if you will notice the small plastic connector that attaches the earphone section to the tension bar that goes over your head is very small and breaks rather easily. The connecting point between the headphone and the tension bar is only a few millimeters in diameter and made of plastic. It doesn't take much of an imagination to realize that this is a breakage waiting to happen. Once the headphone breaks off there is no way to glue it or clamp it back on, so you now have a worthless set of headphones. This has happened to two of the three pair I have. It seems like it would be a pretty easy flaw to fix, and since they haven't in all the years they have produced this headphone set, I can only conclude it is intentional.
Decided to do a review on these phones after owning them for two years. They may look flimsy, but these babies are sturdy! I've dropped them, sat on them, stepped on worries. Even if a piece does snap off, you can snap it back on -- they are very simply designed. They are light and comfortable. I've worn them for 2+ hours with no discomfort whatsoever. Won't make your ears sweat They do not shut-out all outside noise; you'll be able to hear your phone ring or the kids screaming "Fire!" I didn't think I use the leather case....use it all the time. They fold-up very cleverly and you can just wrap the cord around them. Now the BIG question....SOUND? Not bad at all! Balanced, pretty good bass. Fine for basic listening. They are excellent for spoken word and movies......crystal clear. Works great for YouTube, Amazon vids, iTune movies, etc. If you hate ear buds, these would be a good "outside ear" choice for portable use.
Have been using these for YEARS. Really. Best sound of any headset, and it doesn't give you that claustrophobic feeling other closed headphones do. I can still hear the outside world if I want to, and there's none of that pressure build up.

I listen to all kinds of music, all day long; every thing from classical to electronica to R&B to reggaeton to Hip-Hop to Middle Eastern and Bollywood. It all sounds great on these (I use my iPod). No other headset I've used makes everything sound this good.

They fold up, so I have a little pouch I carry with me so they don't get tangled with everything else in my purse. The pouch that it comes with is too small (always has been; not sure why that is...)

They look a little funny to everyone else who's only using ear buds, but personally, I hate ear buds. They're bad for your hearing and always make me feel like I'm on a plane making it's final descent into LaGuardia or something.

Highly recommend.
This is my second pair for work as I have some for home. I bought an ANTLION Mod Mic and use it as a gaming headset.
(Link is to the directional mic, please don't get the Omni mic, no one wants to hear you type in game)

PortaPros are amazing, people ask how did I hear that person over there, noise transfers really well. Mic is super clear too. I had a HEAVY Corsair $135 headset for gaming, which was comfy feeling, but hurt my neck due to weight after extended play. So my shoulders and neck don't get stiff while playing with these either.

I also use them for music, which is ᴀ ᴇ s ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ᴛ ɪ ᴄ ʟ ʏ A M A Z I N G !! I use an adapter and plug them into my Singular Sound BeatBuddy the First Guitar Pedal Drum Machine :D

Only Downside? No privacy. Open ear means everyone in the room can also hear what you hear. So it wouldn't be a good pick for VR PORN

It's also ᴀ ᴇ s ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ᴛ ɪ ᴄ ʟ ʏ AWESOME with my new 3D Magic Eye Poster from RB [...]
I was going to reorder another set of Sennheiser PX-100-II because the cord started to short out at the plug-in point. I like using open air headsets at the office and while taking the pooch for a walk so that I can be aware of what’s going on around me. Just when I was about to click “add to cart”, I noticed the suggestion at the bottom featuring the Koss PortaPro Headphones. I immediately remember these guys from back in the SONY Walkman days! Upon further reading reviews I decided to go for them and here’s what I think after a good amount of usage (I like to “grade” my product reviews). Hope this helps.

LOOKS: 7.5 -OK, I must admit that at first I thought they looked very retro and had a nostalgic feel to them. However, as I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror, I started to feel a bit awkward and “dorkish”. That sensation intensified as I walked down the street and noticed people giving me weird looks. Honestly, I really didn’t care, but noticed it nonetheless.

BUILD: 8.0 – These headphones seem well constructed. However, the thinness of the headband, which is made of an aluminum strap, is a concern. I wouldn’t want to overly bend it for sure. There are also a lot of moving parts and the ear plates are made of plastic. I would not advise to step or even sit on them. The cable is rather thin but overall, if you treat them with respect, they should be able to last and the lifetime warranty puts me at ease.

COMFORT: 10.0 – Hands down he PortaPro’s are easily the most comfortable headsets I’ve worn in a long time! They’re super light so you’d hardly think they are on your head. The ear pads can feel a bit strange when first putting them on, but quickly become seamless. And they feature a slide to ease pressure, just in case. They are more comfortable and secure on my head than my old PX-100’s.

SOUND: 10.0 – I proudly own several types of headphones from Audiotechnica, to Bose, to Sony and even lesser known, great quality brands. I love sound (don’t consider myself an audiophile) so I don’t take my listening lightly. These little guys provide outstanding performance for the money! The open nature of these headsets provides a very wide, warm, natural feel to whatever you’re listening to. The highs are very clear and do not “bleed” into the other frequencies. The mids are very distinctive and present. The bass is “punchy” without being overwhelming (my PX-100’s were a bit too bassy). I can listen to all genres, from rock, to hip hop to classical and equally enjoy them without adjusting the equalizer setting (flat response). Live music is definitely a pleasure to hear with these guys.

FUNCTIONALITY: 9.0 – Carrying them around is rather easy. They fold into a small, tight “ball” and they fit into a little pouch provided by Koss. Getting them into this position is easy and intuitive. They fit into any bag without taking too much space. The cord is light weight and of good length. I wish the 8mm plug was bent 90° because I put my portable device in my back pocket and sticks out a bit. One little gripe that most have is that when placing them on your head, the auto-adjust process happens automatically and you hair can get caught in the sliders. Ouch! But fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often. They don’t leak sound as much as I thought they would and that’s a plus.

OVERALL: 8.9 – I am a believer now! While I do not use these for commuting (subway trains) because of the inability to block out sound, the Koss PortaPros have become the go-to headset to beat while walking around the neighborhood with my dog. The sound quality and comfortableness more than make up for the hit-or-miss retro looks. Highly Recommended.
I bought my first pair in 98-99, and I don't think they were hot off the presses then.

For the money, I don't think you could find a pair that would ever come close. I have the 900x Audio-Technica headphones, and the difference is subtle. The 900's have a richer sound, much better for classical (don't listen to) and jazz, but if you're listening to pop or electronica/dance music these are right up there and at a fraction of the cost. The bass response is great, you can have them fairly loud and there isn't any pressure wave going into your ear. full disclosure, the 900's are closed ear, where these are an open ear set.

This is my third pair, that's how much I like them. The 1st pair, 'went a missing' (probably wrapped around my ex's head), the second pair I used for several years, until I broke the plastic hinge on the ear piece. full disclosure, they were 'dropped' several times, more than several actually. It might be a plastic hinge, but it either weakened with each drop or I dropped them at just the right angle. I'm 6'2" tall, so they were falling 6', and falling on hard surfaces.
I really tried to like these. The sound is very good. Very clear treble, and decent bass. My complaint though, is in the durability. On my first pair, the left side stopped reproducing sound. It was within a couple of weeks, so Amazon (great customer service, by the way) exchanged them for another set of PortaPro headphones. I then started using the second set, and within a couple of months they stopped working. The problem, apparently, was in the 3.5mm plug. When I would move the plug around, I could sometimes get sound. So overall great sound, poor durability.