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  1. Great audio quality, comfortable design, and convenient innovation - a go-to for any budget
  2. Supreme Sound delivers clear and premium audio for every playlist
  3. Lightweight design and plush ear pillows provide long-lasting comfort
  4. Take calls and manage your music using the built-in TapTech mic+remote
  5. One-year manufacturer warranty


The wife loves them. She turns them on and tunes me out.
I got hese Skullcady Bluetooth headphones for use at the gym, and after more than a month of nearly daily use, I have to say they are even better than I'd hoped . Despite my best efforts I have never found satisfactory in-ear headsets, wired or wireless, that will stay in my ears while exercising. On top of the fall-out problem the tiny ear bud controls are too hard to use and the battery life of the Bluetooth versions is often lacking. I was worried that on-ear headphones might fall off while exercising but the Skullcady stays put. The controls are big, easy to understand and to see or feel for when on my head. The Bluetooth instantly synched with my iPhone 6 and is quick to link up when I turn it on. The battery seems to last forever between charges. So far I've had to charge it once using it 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. The sound is fine for the mostly classical music, with some rock or blues that I listen to. I'm not looking for a concert hall experience at the gym. The headphones do manage to keep out the annoying gym-supplied music without blocking my ability to hear when someone speaks to me. There are so many choices when looking for Bluetooth earbuds or headphones and so many reviews (a lot of which look to be spam) that finding the best option is a real chore. For just $30 the Skullcady was a low risk choice, and I'm glad a took a chance on them.
I bought these for my 10 year old daughter to use with her iPad. I could not believe the sound quality. They're amazing for the price. They're constructed well, kid friendly and have amazing sound. Very happy I chose this product and would do so again if given the opportunity.
+No wire
+Long battery life
+Stay snug even with jolting movements
+Easy to pair

-Not as loud as I'd like

These headphones are awesome. I use them in the gym and on the field/turf. The wireless feature brings me so much more freedom in my movements that I didn't have before. It allows me to leave my phone maybe 15 yards away, so I don't have it moving around in my pocket while I run or jump. Also, there's no cord in the way while I'm deadlifting or squatting. They have a really long battery life (I think I got like 6 hour and a half long training sessions in with them before they died). When I started my search for bluetooth headphones, I was most worried about them falling off anytime I jumped/cut/spun/etc. But these fit snug (and are adjustable for comfort), and don't move AT ALL. Perfect!

The only downside, which is minor when compared to the rest of the benefits, is that the headphones don't get very loud. Because the ears are not enclosed, sound does not get trapped in. Also, you might hear surrounding sounds if you're working out in a noisy environment.

If you've never had wireless on-ear headphones, these are a total game changer!
These are great quality for the price. I definitely have brand loyalty. I am by no means a sound guru but I feel like they are good. The sound is clear with decent bass. Not booming mind you but good. It's user friendly which is great because my box was missing the manual. For those with the same issue here is how to use it.
Charge fully before first use. USB charging port is on the underside of the right ear with a light indicator.
There are three button controls on the back of the right ear.
Top is a plus sign for volume up
Middle is a circle which is the power on/off button, pause/play, answering phone calls.
Bottom is a minus for volume down.
To turn on or off hold down middle button for several seconds until you hear the ascending tones (power on) and descending tones (power off)
There is a sound indicating low battery. Typically 10 to 20 minutes before it dies.
It comes up as "uproar" on the Bluetooth menu.
You can use them while they are charging also though most companies don't suggest it. When you plug it in it'll turn the headset off so you'll have to turn it back on.
I believe on average it takes about one hour to fully charge, though don't quote me. I use mine heavily. Several hours throughout the day and fall asleep with them on all night. I usually forget to turn them off too and they last for about 48 hours this way on one charge which is saying something. They are on the majority of a 24 hour period.
I hope this was helpful to somebody.
These headphones are great. They are lightweight and comfortable (for a person with a small head I suppose). Pros: Decent sound (esp at this price point; if you're looking for super high end sound look for something more expensive), wonderful connectivity (fast, easy set up, once you provide an initial charge) and range (my phone was in the other room and the music was still playing without skipping a beat), comfortable for long periods of use (esp compared to Beats headphones). Cons: Doesn't get very loud, not headphones you can blast. (Good for those who are sound conscious) No noise cancellation/isolation: In a noisy subway they don't filter out loud sounds; better suited to quieter environments: coffee shops, parks, etc. Sound also does leak through at higher volumes but that's true for most in this style. Honestly I don't think you'll find comparable headphones offering similar features and sound for less money.
These are great headphones! Unlike other reviews, these have never fallen apart. I've had these for ten months without facing any problems. In fact, the battery life is extremely impressive! I use this on a daily basis for about 4 hrs/day and have to charge them about every five days. They surely have taken a beating but are still like new (soundwise). The padding on the on-ear headphones are very soft. However, it may get irritating after a couple of hours, but that's only if you have glasses. They are also very lightweight.

Onto the cons. They aren't foldable, which doesn't make them easy to throw them in your backpack and go without the fear of them being crushed from a plastic frame. From what I've seen, this thing is 100% matte plastic on the outside, which doesn't give them a good enough feel for the 50 bucks I paid. Also, on the backside, there is a wire running along the headband, which is unnecessarily visible and exposed and could have been covered up. Also, the logos and branding can be scratched off uneffortlessly if you throw them around or do it with your fingernail. There is a poor amount of headband cushioning and only covers the top portion, not the sides. If you shake these headphones around, you can easily hear a rattling sound of plastic parts, the color is peeling off from some areas, too. Not to mention, there isn't even a headphone aux jack, so whatever your listening to is always going be wireless. The microphone really sucks, too. There are three buttons on this, power/play pause, volume up and volume down.

The bass on this is very decent, but it won't blow you away. Also, the volume goes up pretty high, but the sound barely leaks when you do that. All in all, go for it without hesitating. I can easily see these pair of wireless headphones lasting 2-3 years.
Pros: The SkullCandy Uproar headset was very affordable at $44.00 and also very easy to pair with my Bluetooth devices.

Cons: The headset appears to be made very cheaply: the grey plastic covering the earpiece immediately separated from the harder plastic of the headset. (I bought the headset 09-2016 and so have had it and used it very sparingly for 3 months.) The plastic failure doesn't affect the sound or function of the device yet but I will need to repair the headset or the covering may come completely off. I would have to say that I don't recommend that anyone buy this product unless it will not be used heavily and definitely not for kids. I use it in an office an very rarely, so it may not present a problem for those situations.
 Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Built-In Mic and Remote, Ill Famed Red
Surprisingly good fidelity from an economical Bluetooth headphone. They are light weight and comfortable to wear for long periods. Perfect for home use. Probably not versatile or strong enough for travel, as they don't fold, and if you had an accident, looks like they could break. You can still hear things going on around you, but it is dampened by at least half. My only complaint is they may be too tight for some people with bigger heads and the pressure on your ears add up after long periods of use. And with all On-the-Ear style headphones, your ears may get sweaty. Can you find better sounding Bluetooth headphones? Yes, but not at this price for this good of sound quality. Can you find cheaper Bluetooth headphones? Yes, but I guarantee the bass response won't be as deep as these. They are very easy to pair with any Bluetooth device I've tried it on. They have decent range and have never cut out/disconnected on me randomly like other Bluetooth headphones seem to do. These are the best overall value I've found and are my every day pair of headphones.
Using with my iPhone 7 Plus, the sound drops out for 3 seconds about once a minute. Sometimes it goes into this horrible rapid stuttering and I have to turn it off and on again to correct it.
This happens while anywhere between 1 and 10 feet from iPhone and headphones are fully charged. Very frustrating.
Tried using with my Yamaha RX-A3050 to watch TV at night and the lag in dialog/lip movement is intolerable, like 2 seconds. I figured it was because neither the Yamaha nor the Skullcandy supported AptX low latency that I would need to buy a special Bluetooth transmitter and use my Sony MDR-ZX770BN headphones which do support AptX. But I decided to just try the Sony headphones first, directly with Yamaha and there was almost no lag (maybe 100ms). So either Yamaha is lying and they do support AptXon this receiver, or else it's using some other Bluetooth mode with the Sony which Skullcandy doesn't support.
In any case, they are bad with my Yamaha for TV and bad with my iPhone for music so pretty disappointed overall.