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Published at 2017-08-29 11:40:38 by DanDin on Speakers


  1. 30mm drivers for rich, full frequency response
  2. Lightweight and comfortable on-ear design
  3. Swivel-design for portability
  4. 47.25-inch (1.2 m) tangle-free, Y-type cord


These are great headphones for music and movies for the price. I have never owned a big-money pair of headphones & after buying cheap ones that I had to replace multiple times due to breakage, I decided to get these after a recommendation from a friend. After buying them for myself, I also bought them for each of my kids. They're great for average use... i've never been bothered by outside noise, they are comfortable, and the sound is of good quality. They also are much sturdier than the cheapie $10-$20 ones I've gotten before. (My kids haven't broken them, which is a minor miracle)

I do recommend getting a bag or carrying case for them (I use a Crown Royal bag:) it certainly helps protect them and they do seem vulnerable at the hinges where they collapse for storage.

The only thing my kid complains about is the wire is kind of short. I prefer it because the wire is nice and thick and never gets tangled. with my previous cheap ones, it was always the wires that were delicate & one or both ears would go out. These are so much sturdier. (I think he just finds them too short when he wants to sit in the recliner with his iPad on the table & watch his Minecraft. If you don't require your headphones to meet these specific and ridiculous needs, the length should be fine.)
When I first tried these on, I found them a bit uncomfortable. My over-ear phones are much more comfortable. But, I plugged these in and listened (I'm a guitar player and spend a lot of time listening to musical details. The sound was amazing! At first I thought I wouldn't like these, but the sound came out and I was blown away. I can't believe $15 headphones sound this good. I bought these as backups to my AT over-ears and wasn't expecting much but these are really really great. The only reason I didn't give five stars is because they are a tiny bit uncomfortable.
I had a pair from this headphone line in the past, and used them until they basically fell apart (one side stopped working, and the cushioning material for the ears eventually peeled away.) And yet after trying myriad other brands, I rate these as my personal best. After my first pair died (took several years of daily use), I went on a quest to try a bunch of different headphones. After wasting hundreds of dollars over the past couple years on everything from fancy $200 pairs, cheap Amazon-branded pairs, and plenty of random ones from places like Big Lots or Walmart, I finally just came back to these for a meager $15. There's simply no beating the combination of comfort (especially for people with glasses!), sound quality, and price. I work in front of a computer for hours at a time, and almost always have headphones (and eye glasses) on. I probably have a larger than average head shape too. Every single other pair I have tried ended up making my ears hurt before long, except this one. While the construction quality is decent, I do expect to run through a new pair every couple years, but at this price point, it's really hard to complain. In summary, I am so thankful these are back in my life.
WOW - Picked these up today after wearing the ZX100 for the last 3 years and wearing through the lining on the padding.

Sounds is incredible, rich bass, not 'deep' as Bose/Beats might sell you, just a solid, full, well balanced sound, much better than I expected from a $20 pair of phones. Looking at the cost difference between the '100's and these, the $5 is laughable.

Feel is fantastic, quality materials, folding pads is awesome and a thick cable with the right angle connector makes life easy. Tug to hard one way? Pressure gets pushed into the wire connection, not the actual plug which (one of my favorite, and most often utilized features of the 100s) so they won't snap on you.

Cost, well, if you can't shell out $20 for a decent pair of headphones it might be worth spending that money elsewhere.

Very happy, terrific product and price point. Blown away!
In this household, we care a lot about sound quality. We're spoiled with great 2 channel stereos. For headphones I listen to Grado headphones, at least until they finally broke down. Recently we found ourselves surrounded by headphones.

So, in a headphone shootout here at home, two kids, two adults we came to this conclusion.

$200 Beats (paid $70 black Friday sale price): 1/4 picked as fav. (the teen)
$120 Bose: 1/4 picked as fav. (the mom)
$10 Sony: 2/4 picked as fav. (the audiophiles, dad and 10 year old)
$20 Apple earbuds 0/4 picked as fav. (universally hated)

We listened to uncompressed rock over an iPod shuffle, or Youtube.

These "giant killer" Sony phones have a clear, detailed, open sound. Meaning that the music don't sound cluttered between your ears, it seems to extend to around your head. Bass has real detail: you can hear the note, the reverb and the string pluck. For bass, these beat the Bose and Beats, with ease. Also, unlike Beats, you can actually hear people talk to you when you have these on. Not everybody in my family thought these were the best sounding though, my wife preferred the Bose.

The low point: they aren't as super comfortable as the Bose. Everybody agrees the Bose are the super comfy pair. Technically, these were not the loudest, but they were plenty loud enough!
The quality of the sound is really just amazing. There is practically no difference between the quality of these sony headphones and a pair of Beats ones that cost a couple hundred bucks extra. If you're looking for inexpensive headphones with fantastic quality, look no further. You won't be disappointed!
This review is based on my first impressions with the "110's" on a number of mp3 player, and a number of "100's" (the previous model ) that I have had and used over the years.

Pro - Sound Quality
So far I DO notice more bass in these new (my first pair of the "110's") pair of headphones and unlike prior experience with Sony (and other companies too ...) earbuds where the "new great model" .. didn't sound as good as the prior ones did ...

These 110's just add enough to the bass and possibly treble too, that makes it definitely sound better then the 100's though it doesn't fall into the trap I described above, when sometimes they add "more bass" and it turns out the bass is so strong, that it drowns everything else out. I have to say that this is not really a knock on the 100's .. I do still like them but for the same price on either ... I'd go with the 110's but if there is a "good deal" on the 100's and I was getting them again ... I am not against getting another pair of the 100's either.

Yes these are "cheap" headphones and probably not as good quality wise as a really expensive pair though I do recall some reviews saying they tried these along side a pair of "$200 Beats" and while the did say their friend's Beats did sound better ... they personally would rather get maybe two or three pair of these and still have say $150 left over ... meaning "they do not sound price-vs-quality of the sound" .. 'that much better'

Pro/Con - Build quality
These ARE plastic headphones of course, though I do not agree with those that say "oh its like they are from the Dollar store ... the plastic is horrible ..etc etc"... just if your going to buy a much more expensive pair of headphones ... your will probably get better quality too

The one downside that ... I admit I see in these, and are a problem in the pair of "the 100's" that was 100% caused by me ... AND EVEN THEN that exact pair, needed fixing but still sounds great ... I am using THEM while typing this review, is the part where the 100's and the 110's ear-cups move. I am not sure "how it could be made better" but that was the exact point of failure for my long-used pair (again 100% my fault for HOW the break,happened) .. note that if it wasn't for me they would still be fine and that is after 3+ years of HEAVY use and they still work ... so maybe it's fine for being able to fold (in both models I mean)

Pro - Fit
I am not sure if i can say one way or the other "I have a big head" (100% not a small head) but they fit fine .. even out of the box. Heck after that DIY type of repair I did on my broke pair .. .I had to flip them backwards and .. they for the most part still fit great ... these 110's are no different.

By the way I have glasses (regular and sunglasses used when wearing these) and just like the 100's, these are nice and comfy ... not too tight or too lose, if you ask me

??? - The cord
The cord looks different from the 100's I have and I like the cord ... basically I think some of the cords on others are way way too small and that always leads to the problem of one of the two sides going out for good ... The cord on the 110's looks a tad smaller diameter wise but really if that doesn't mean that issue I just described DOESN'T happen .. I do not really care... I just want the headphones to work for a long time ... if the cord is different but there are no issues ... this change is fine by me.

Plug - I will keep this review updated IF there is a change but I have no had these for long enough to comment on some of the reviews who keep having issues with the plug breaking ... NOT on this pair but my other pair of the 100's get plugged into and unplugged from stuff for over three years now and often too ... never had a problem .. but then again I cant comment on these. for now.


I would recommend these no question ... though if your expecting a super high end sound (aka are an "audiophile") you MAY BE disappointed though as someone who loves his music ... I think the sound with the right equalizer settings, on the device or program your using... I do LOVE the sound of these.

Update - After using a new pair of the "100's" ... aka the prior model

Really ... the 110's do have the slightly higher bass and that is not a bad thing either .... the new pair of the 100's I am using I actually thought were the 110's (I just forgot what headphones I was using)... THE POINT? ... they both have great bass and I think the pair that I use to wear daily (the broken pair that still works great.... just doesn't fit perfectly anymore)'s fit actually effects the bass ... that old pair I hold the earcups closer to my ears than how they "sit" now .. .and I hear alot more bass.

Between the 100s and 110's ... if the way each one of them fold doesn't matter to you for say fitting them into a caring case .... I recommend both 1000% (no typo) ... find the best deal ... if you can get one a little cheaper than the other ... there is more bass by a little bit on the 110's but do not think I am saying a new pair of the 100's are weak in that department.
Fast shipping, excellent product equal happy customer. For a affordable price these headphones are great. I'm glad I gave it a chance.
I got these for $7.99 on a lightning deal. They are excellent for the price. I ordered two pair: one for my 3 year old and one as a travel pair of headphones. The sound quality is impressive for the price. These are on the ear headphones, not over the ear. So, passive noise isolation won't be as good. However, they are quite comfortable. I could easily wear these for a couple hours while watching a movie. The physical size of the headphones make them a good choice for children. Sure, they aren't brightly colored, but I'm willing to bet the sound quality and price are much better than you'd pay for a branded set of crappy headphones. Also, I was surprised at the quality of the cord. I was expecting a thin, cheap cord. It's actually fairly thick and tangle resistant. Only complaint I have -- I wish the cord connected at a single point, rather than running to each ear piece. But, again, for the price they're darn good quality.

Update: I've now used these headphones several times on the treadmill. I like them even more now. When running, you'll occasionally run into a set of headphones with a seriously flimsy cord. As you run, a flimsy cord will bounce and become seriously annoying. These don't do that at all. I love how the solid cord just hangs with minimal movement. Also, the ear pads will get a bit sweaty, but nothing a quick wipe won't rectify. I'll let you know how they hold up for exercise use.
Whenever I buy headphones, I make sure to buy the ones that go over the ear because I wear mine usually over the course of a couple hours per session. On-ear was a really bad idea, especially at the default configuration (I have a small head, I didn't bother changing the configuration because any bigger I thought it might slip). After about 20 minutes of wearing the headphones at the default configuration my ears started to ache and hurt, I couldn't spend too much time with them.

However, the sound that comes out of these beauties is absolutely amazing! Excellent resounding bass, not sub-woofer quality but a close second. The treble is very balanced, I can crank these up to high than I usually have and not have to worry about sharp cracks due to the audio track peaking at kicks and snare hits. On previous over-ear headphones the max i could set my overall volume was 25%, which at the time was good enough to hear just about everything. With these I can crank them past 50% and more and not have to worry about any sharp cracks. Truly a good pair of headphones for the price.

Regarding the tightness i felt earlier, I was able to adjust the length to fit my needs. The tightness lessened to the point I was able to wear them for extended periods of time, the pads are very much comfortable even if they appear thin. I still prefer over-ear headphones, which denotes the 4 star. That's just my bias.

These headphones are fold-able to fit comfortable and compactly in medium sized pockets or carrying slots. They will almost never tangle, as noted by the semi-circle shaped cords. Although when you first get them, it might take a while to straighten out the curls. Nice strong and thick cable. Lastly, regarding external noise. Most of the noise is largely contained within the headphones, at least within my experience.

[I'll post some pictures later to emphasize my points, although there are a good number of reviews that already showcase this.]