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Published at 2017-11-17 02:30:39 by DanDin on Speakers


  1. Over-ear, Noise-isolating Headphones
  2. 30mm Neodymium Driver
  3. Up To 80 Hours Of Battery Life


i work in a small office space with a bunch of sh-t bags and cackling hens. i just tried these out for the first time today and they work extremely well. i use the soft mummer app and it completely drowns out all of the awful people i work with and every other annoying sound. these idiots all have their own little usb speakers and radios all listening to different stations, talking about inane things that i am unable to ignore. i am very sensitive to sound and very crotchety for my age. i had to try something and these are working out well so far. they work so well that i had to set a visual alert on my phone which is literally inches away so i know when its ringing. i'm not sure on the battery life as of yet but i'd gladly pay for one AAA battery every so often if it means i don't have to listen with these morons anymore.
I'm a classical musician that listens to everything. I own the $15 Koss UR 18 ( comfy and with decent bass for the price) which are good at their price range. I also own $75 Senheisser HD 280. They are bulky with very good passive isolation, and more natural sound.
I had the $450 Beats Pro for a while, and they were great for popular music , with control talk, great bass, and superior to all other beats.
Now about these pair or Sonys:
Sound: they have more bass and treble than the Senheisser 280, but these Sonys sound a bit hollow. For the price range it is Pretty good, I guess. Nothing impressive. I like their boomy bass for some styles of music.

Isolation: They reduced the bathroom fan and the bus ramble very noticeably. Voices are softer but at the same time you can hear words more clearly. So keep those differences in mind.
(** update: two days later, it's been a few times that people talked to me in the house while listening to angry rock at 40% of volume and I did not hear them at all).
Having said that, they're not as good as the Bose QC 25, but they are exactly ten times cheaper.

Portability: They fold flat and small in a way that is super compact. No bag included.
It uses a AAA battery , easy to use, and it comes with one.

No control to pick up calls.
Trebles get harsh after an hour or so, and it hurts a bit, unless you can equalize it well. Sound can be a bit hollow in the middle.

They are very comfortable even with glasses on. My head is small though.

I paid $30 for them, and sometimes I prefer them over the Senhheisser hd 280 to listen to music on the go, specially bass oriented music.
The Senheisser are better at blocking higher pitch sounds ( ppl , tv, etc) bc they are big and press against your head, so I kept them for those situations.
These Sonys have the *active* noise canceling , which improves their sound. >>>They still work without it, though. So you can listen even without batteries. Sound loses boom and volume, but they work.
I'm pretty happy with them for the price.
When I tried the $300 Bose Quiet comfort 20 the store went silent. Bass was not impressive. These under $50 Sony pair are probably not as good at isolating ( a 25% less, maybe?) but they are so much cheaper at Best Buy or here, and smaller. The bass is sweet, too.
For a cheap option in casual portable listening with isolation, I'd give them a try. If you're an audiophile, or listen to classical exclusively, keep looking.
I hope it helps!
If you're looking for an inexpensive noise reducing (note, I did not say cancelling) headset for use on an airplane, the Sony MDRX110NC is a really solid buy. If you are looking for a headset that truly cancels all noise, you are going to be disappointed with this purchase.

-They work well at reducing airplane engine noise (the reason I bought them.)
-Compact due to their folding design.
-On ear design, which work very well if you wear glasses.
-Price, price, price.

-Do not have the best sound, so if you're looking for Bose like quality, stop here.
-I found the cord length a tad short, but certainly wasn't a deal breaker.

In order for these to do their job, you simply must turn the switch on, without them they are no better (perhaps even worse) than the free earbuds that come with any smartphone. Both my wife and I have used the one set we own on business trips. Having just booked a trip to Europe, I just bought a second set so that we will both have them for the long flight.

For the price, these headphones are good enough, and if anything were to happen to them, I would't feel nearly as bad as I would if I had paid $300-400 for top of the line headphones.
They work great on my long flights overseas! It is amazing how much noise they cancel out for the price. I was able to actually get some sleep on my flight, which I am usually unable to do because of the engine roar.

5 stars due to value for money, they aren't perfect, but the imperfections are overlooked by low cost.

What I like;
- Noise canceling headphones for sub $35, whats not to like about that?
- runs on a single AAA Battery, for up to 80 hours, WHAT?
- They get so loud, you can feel the drivers vibrating on your ears, hearing damage? I think so.
- Noise canceling is fabulous for situations with tons of ambient noise. Loud white noise, Fans running, traffic driving by your apartment window? No worries, These headphones have you covered.
- Excellent range of audio, lows, mids, and highs are well covered. Good bass, quality mids, and... Somewhat distorted highs. Common Sony characteristics.

Whats not so great:
- Cheap feeling plastic, the tolerances between the headband, and ear cups are HUGE. they rattle and cladder as you hold them or wiggle them around in your hands, they are literally ALL plastic. This doesn't effect my review, mostly because its obvious the money went into the drivers and the noise cancelation technology
- no padding on the top of the band, those of us with hair won't mind, bald people probably wont like this.
- The cord feels super SUPER cheap, but it does do the job.
- The cord goes to each driver, meaning you have two cords hanging from the headphones, would be nice if there was only one, small complaint.

in summary, BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!! I needed these because I work in an environment that averages about 85 dB all day, I would get headaches by 1 or 2 PM, NOT ANYMORE! Thanks Amazon! Thanks Sony!
The charts attached show the analysis with the noise canceling on (on the left / green box) and off (on the right / blue box).

These are OK for the money. I'm sure there are other headphones available for around $34 that perform better, and certainly some that perform worse. The package however boasts "95% ambient noise reduction" which is not true. Here in my office where the only noise is from the fan on my computer it's not even that. I'd like to say something on the order of 40%.

I graphed the results in Audacity using a mic in a foam filled box to record differences in ambient noise. I placed 1" holes in the sides of the box where the drivers for the Sony headphones would normally find an aural cavity. This is crude I understand, but it was sufficient for my ends to test these. If you would like a more accurate test feel free to get a human skull and address this matter yourself.

The results show that with Noise Canceling on there is a 3dB reduction on sounds below 86 Hz (yellow), and a similar reduction at the top end around 3000-3800Hz where another 3dB reduction is noticed (red). Where these appear to shine is in the mid range between 1000-2800hZ where the reduction of ambient noise is more linear keeping the noises between 46-55dB while on, and 53-62dB while off (orange).
I have had these for a couple of years now. I also own/have owned high-end Grado Labs and Sennheiser headphones.

Sound quality. With the noise cancellation off... these are flat and tinny, not very good at all. BUT! With noise cancellation on... the sound comes alive. The dynamic range is enormous, the bass thumps, the treble is there. So - don't judge these by what you hear with noise cancellation off - don't even listen to them unless it's on.

The noise cancellation works very well. I use these whenever I fly - sometimes I don't even listen to anything, I just put them on and turn on the noise cancellation. They do a very good job of eliminating almost all of the white noise/background roar in a plane cabin.

These are not high-end headphones like the afore-mentioned. But for the money, they are excellent and I would absolutely buy these instead of the (in my opinion) overpriced Bose noise cancelling ones, which cost (I think) almost 10X these,

These take one AAA battery. It lasts a long time; I always carry a couple of spare AAAs with me but I have only ever replaced the battery in these once... in over three years.
Purchased based on the other reviews and they lived up to the quality reported! My wife and I share a small studio apartment and these are wonderful at blocking out my annoying video games or other chitchat that she may not want to hear - and I get to live in suspense and not knowing what is happening on 90210 when she's watching it on her laptop. The volume is very crisp, headphones are comfortable, and for the price this is outstanding given $200+ products in comparison.
These are great for a cheap set of headphones. I have a large head and they fit and cover my ears well. I use my Kindle to watch movies on my ride to work, and with ear buds I couldn't hear the dialogue. With these headphones, I get so immersed into my programs I have missed my stop on more than 1 occasion (my fault, not the headphones). The noise cancelling feature is excellent and the battery will last for weeks IF you remember to turn it off when not in use. Otherwise it only lasts a few days. If you need headphones with skull shattering bass or if you need to impress every person within a 100 yard radius then these might not be for you. But it you want to hear the sound of what you are watching or listening to while simultaneously drowning out the noise of those around you these are great. I also wear them in my cube with the noise cancelling feature on if my coworkers are being loud.
A couple of notes if you're considering these headphones:

- The noise-canceling is just okay ... probably what you'd expect from an inexpensive set of headphones.
- The sound quality is excellent with the noise-cancelling turned on. You really can't listen to anything with it turned off ... the sound quality is very low
- On a train, the noise canceling blocks out some of the engine rumble, but not really much of the jarring noises such as the clackity clack of the wheels or people yapping. The box says "95% ambient noise reduction*" and then some long disclaimers about what that means. To me it's kind of like "outside noise is reduced maybe 50%"
- It helps to turn the volume up a little ... I don't notice people around me chit-chatting as much
- In the office, the noise reduction seems better. Some of the office noise is cancelled, and people talking isn't as noticeable.
- These headphones are comfortable to wear, and fold up easily to fit in a bag or (big) purse
- If it matters to you, no one can hear what you're listening to. I don't like to annoy people with my music (especially on the train) so I checked with a couple of people and they couldn't hear a thing.

These won't surround you in silent bliss like the expensive headphones. But overall, not a bad set.