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Published at 2017-06-10 11:14:22 by DanDin on Speakers


  1. Behind-the-neck headband won't interfere with your hairstyle
  2. Non-slip design stays on your ears, even during active sports
  3. Mini-plug resists corrosion for maximum conductivity, minimum noise
  4. 30 mm diameter drive units are larger than many portable headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range
  5. Ultra-small, ultra-light headphones weigh less than 2 ounces (55g) without cord


I bought a pair of these headphones to use as my workout headphones. I used them for nearly 6 years before they finally broke. I used them in nearly every workout (6 days a week, for about 90 minutes a day). I sweat constantly, and these headphones really held up through it all. Because I sweat so much, I would clorox spray them occasionally. Honestly, I was so surprised at how long they lasted. I bought another pair because of how long the first pair lasted. They are comfortable, durable, and have decent sound quality. Honestly one of the best purchases I've made. When I ordered them from amazon they came in a timely manner, were packaged nicely, etc. Worth every cent.
These headphones are one of the few that are over the ear headphones that don't give me hat hair or hurt my head. They can be comfortably worn around the neck too, which is nice. If you're buying these, you aren't looking for sound quality, so I'm not even considering that. They stay on your head when you excercise, can you say that about any other over the ear headphones?
As a person who hates earbuds, I'm in love with these headphones. I thought the neck placement of the band would be annoying, but that actually makes it easier to keep the phones around my neck during lectures/when I need to take a music break. Solid for walking.
Note: I have tiny ears, and they sometimes get caught in the crevice. This is not bothersome enough to dock its rating for me.
I like behind the ear phones. I hate ear buds. These are good for workouts, sweat doesn't short them out. Good enough bass, comfortable. Cord is long enough for computer use. Much lighter than Bluetooth headphones which make them good for running. Because they don't cover the ears entirely they don't make my ears hot.
These headphones are what I was looking for. I wear hearing aids, but like to listen to either audio books or music when out walking. I also like to wear a broad brim hat to protect my face from the Texas sun. I've tried other over the ear and bluetooth headsets, but they are heavy and cannot be worn behind the head. These headphones can be worn over my hearing aids and behind the head. They are lightweight and did not shift. They permitted me to still hear outside noises like cars and critters which ear buds do not. Old school, but still work real good!
I use these because I can't use earbuds. They work well for the price and have decent sound quality from what I can tell. They work fine with glasses or even dangly earrings, and if positioned right, you can use it with your hair in a ponytail. I usually wear my hair up higher and have this go down below it. I will say after a couple of hours (averaging 3-5) it will hurt a bit behind my ears, and that sometimes increases depending on if I'm wearing glasses or not. It's not a particularly awful pain, but it does decrease the amount of pleasure of listening to music for an extended period of time. Aside from that minor issue, I still use them because they're decently sturdy. They are not collapsible, if anyone was wondering, I usually carry mine around in a small purse if I am not wearing them.
My family goes through a lot of headphones and earphones.
We've tried many types: wireless / wired, over ear / on ear / earbud, ...

My frustration is that I end up buying replacement headphones or earphones at least once a month (for the five of us) ... because they just last very long.

I really like these because they sound fine and are very simple and rugged. This is my second pair ... the first pair lasted a very long time, I think for a couple of years.
I've bought these headphones often since they first came out. They fit nicely but takes some time to get used to the configuration wearing this style. If you wear Hats, have long hair, these phones are a great solution instead of Ear Buds ( which I despise) or Conventional over the Head style Phones. Personally, as a Long time user of these headphones ( I use them to Modulate my Radio Broadcasts) I think their Sound Quality has suffered over the years, but these are still adequate for small speakers whose strength is good on the Higher sound spectrums, adequate on the Bass just barely.

If you want a fuller sound experience, buy bigger Cans for a Fuller Listening Experience, but if you want something Light Weight, Ear Feeling Friendly for Hiking, Biking... these are more than Adequate .
Cheap and great quality. I got these because no earbud will ever be able to not fall out of my ear.
They fit well over the microphone of my hearing-aids, that are the over-the-ear type. Also very light for wearing for long periods.