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Published at 2017-10-14 18:35:45 by DanDin on CE


  1. Keeps your headphones out of sight & easy to reach.
  2. Holds ultra-securely (same 3M adhesive GoPro uses).
  3. Thick premium silicone construction + steel pin inner reinforcement (new)
  4. Lessens cord clutter
  5. Can hold two sets of headphones.


I didn't really have room beneath my desk to hang a set of headphones ... so I just stuck it on the side of the desk (see photo). I can only hang one set of headphones, but that works for me.

The Anchor is high quality ... it looks like it will be around for a good long time. The material is soft and flexible ... so gentle on the headphones. The anchoring tape is really strong ... it appears that it will stay put as long as I want it there.

This is a very useful item ... really nice to get the headphones off of the desk! It would be perfect if you have a large desk with room to hang a set or two of headphones beneath the desktop ... but even without that space I find The Anchor a good place to park my headphones on the side of my desk.
Fantastic little device. It mounted easily and I would have to really yank on this thing for it to come loose. I've got my Playstation Gold Headset and my Astro A40s hung underneath my desk and it holds them great. The material it uses is flexible so if you are rough with it, there's no fear of it breaking or cracking.

I'm going to be purchasing another one for my PC headphones.
Hello Everyone,
To start off my review I just wanted to mention that this product was not provided to me at a discount or free and I purchased it with my own funds.
So what comes inside the box?
(1x) The Anchor
The Design & Overall Functionality
This headphone mount is pretty awesome and a first for me. It coated in a rubber-like material so it wont really hurt if you bump your knee into it and is pretty wide so it can hold up a variety of headphones. You can not only anchor it down under the desk but right side up as well. It has 3M adhesive on top of the base mount and will take some effort to remove once applied correctly. You can hang this on multiple surfaces without any issues. I like it and it does it's job.
My Opinion
This is for the person who wants to get a leg up on cable management and clean up some desk space a bit. Its simple to use and easy to apply. If you want an alternative to the clamp you put on the side of your desk than look no further. My verdict, Nothing too special but it gets the job done and shouldn't be overlooked. Pick one up and try it out.

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It's pretty neat! Never had a rubber hook before. does it job and does it well so far. I have only 1 g930 hanging from it so far and it seems to be working well. Will update if-ever it changes.
I was tired of having my headset hanging over my spare monitor, so while searching for a headset stand that sits on top of your desk, I came across this. I am glad I chose this over the headset stand that I was originally looking for, because now I have this stuck to the under side of my desk to where its easy to reach if I need to put them on, but also hidden so that my desk doesn't look so clustered.

Arrived very fast with my prime shipping, the box it came in was in great condition.

Very easy to install, just peel off the sticker on the 3M tape, apply to where you want it under your desk, I held mine to the desk for about a minute with a decent amount of pressure, and release. I personally waited 48 hours before putting my headphones on the holder itself, just because I like giving it time to adapt and mold to the desk, but not required.

If you ever want to remove it, all you need is a hair dryer to heat up the 3M tape and it'll peal off 1..2..3!

What I did like about this company which really stood out the most to me, was right after I received it, the company actually emailed me directly and asked how I liked it, any complaints, and if there was anything they could do to make my experience with purchasing their product any better. I love that this company stands behind their product, thats how a successful company does things. Great work!
I've needed this for a decade.

This is a ruggedly built, but flexible headphone cradle. As part of a Home Office Makeover, I bought this as a lark, but I think this may turn out to be my favorite upgrade. It's small in size but huge in impact.

I work from home and am on the phone (headphone with boom mic) sometimes for hours. When I'm finished, I never knew what to do with the headset. Now it rests, available but out-of-the-way, off the desk, and unobtrusive. I spent hundreds for a good noise canceling headset but never knew how incomplete it was without a good under-desk cradle.

I also wondered why there were two cradle rests, one on either side of the mounting post. Then I tripped over the long headphone cord and I realized: Coil the long headphone cord and hang it from the "back" side and hang my headset on the front side. Now I have a place (off the desktop) for my headset and I have a way to keep the usually-unused cord off the floor.

The soft material will not harm my expensive and soft cushioning on my headset. Elevation Lab put a lot of thought into this product. And I'm glad.

I couldn't be happier.
The picture does not do it justice - THIS THING IS STURDY.

I have two pairs of over-ear headphones on it (One for gaming, one for movies/tv shows), and this thing does not budge. I wasn't even able to get the tape to fit completely where it is placed (there's about 20% of it hanging off the edge of my desk) and it doesn't wiggle, doesn't peel or anything. The Anchor itself is made out of a tough but flexible plastic, and even with two cats constantly playing with it it refuses to fall down. It's placed basically right next to my computer chair and I bump it constantly - but it does not fall off. Can't recommend it enough.
The hook itself is great for all the reasons others have already stated. Large design easily holding two full size headphones, using soft flexible rubber construction.

I just wish with such a great looking design, the 3M VHB pad they had chosen was BLACK FOAM rather than white foam. (The actual 3M adhesive is clear in either case; the only issue here is the color of the foam pad it was applied to.) White is exactly what's in the product pictures, so I'm not saying it's "wrong." Just not as good as it could have been.

Presumably the assumption was "you're mounting this out of sight where the adhesive pad isn't going to be visible anyway", but clearly the under-shelf and many other mounting positions leave the mounting visible.

Mine is a "worst case scenario", because I'm mounting the hook on the underside of a clear glass desk top. As such, same as if you were mounting to the underside of a glass shelf, the mounting pad is the main thing that is visible.

I'll be removing the supplied 3M VHB pad from the product, and using a black 3M Command Adhesive pad instead. I'm just "withholding one star" because it feels somewhat obvious to me that whomever designed this great black hook should have realized they were pasting an ugly white rectangle on top of it, which could have just as easily also been black.
Often it's the simple, straight forward products that--provided they get it right--are the most useful. This product fits that bill perfectly well: a simple, elegant solution to keep your desk top free of its much needed real estate. My gaming headset takes up a lot of room, and it's one of those things that are awkward to store without either a stand or a product like this.

There have been some reviews on here where the adhesive failed to hold. There may be a lot of factors to cause that to happen, the surface was not quite suitable, for example, or the sticky surface was not held in place for adequate amount of time for secure attachment. I have two of these and both have been solidly staying put, and they do not seem to want to drop off.

For best results, make sure the surface where the hook will attach to is hard, flat, and clean. Before you take the cover off the 3M sticky, mark exactly where it will go with a pencil or marker. The most important thing to do is to stick it on the surface and push against it with all your might for about 30 - 60 seconds. After that push on the surface of the hook mount forcefully with your thumb. Think of the adhesion as glue, you must hold it in place for it to get a good, strong bond.

If all else fails, or if it eventually falls off for whatever reason, there is always the trusty wood screw option. The product has a hole on each side of the base to allow for screw attachment. The screws are not included, so a trip to Home Depot may be necessary.
I wanted to give these a month or so of use to tell if there are any problems. So far, I have only found The Anchor to be useful in providing a space to safely store my headphones and to reduce some cable clutter.

As others have noted, the ability to stick The Anchor to many surfaces allows it to be used under, or on the side of a desk.

I am impressed with the quality of the silicone, it is stiff but very slightly springy, it allows some bending to put on or remove the headphone without any risk of dropping them.

The size of the hanger is just right for my needs, low enough to use without too much fiddling, but high enough to conserve some space. The width should also be sufficient to allow any 2 headphones to hang together.

For reference, I am using a single AKG K7XX (very large diameter earcup) and if I wanted to hang another headphone, I certainly could.

All in all, I have no complaints, this is a high-quality product at a great price.